Top padel, the best 10 paddle tennis World Padel Tour

Top padel, the best 10 paddle tennis World Padel Tour

Top padel, the best 10 paddle tennis World Padel Tour

Every year, one of the most anticipated news for paddle tennis fans around the world is to know the shovels that will take the best cracks on the planet: Fernando Belasteguín, Pablo Lima, Paquito Navarro, Sanyo Gutiérrez …

The top 10 in the circuit has hardly changed in the last season. They continue to dominate the infallible Bela-Lima, with Sanyo and his new companion Maxi Sánchez on the prowl. But what have changed are the blades of the main protagonists. Therefore, we review which are the 10 best padel blades of the World Padel Tour.

Head Delta Hybrid Graphene TouchFernando Belasteguín

The number 1 of the top padel in the world has changed its shovel this season. After two years with the Head Delta Pro, the blade for this season 2018 of Fernando Belasteguín is the renewed Head Delta Hybrid GrapheneTouch, lighter and with a more classic mold maintaining the power and control of its predecessor.

Asics Speed ​​- Pablo Lima

One of the players with more stuck WPT circuit needs a shovel to his height. For this reason, Pablo Lima has chosen for this course the new padel blade Asics Speed ​​2018, made of carbon and hard touch Eva rubber. A model only suitable for elected.

Head Alpha Pro GrapheneTouchSanyo Gutiérrez

Sanyo Gutiérrez repeats this year with one of the best-selling Head shovels of last season, the incredible Alpha Pro GrapheneTouch. This model liked a lot among those players who prefer comfort and playability to any other aspect. It comes with the GrapheneTouch as the main technology, a touch rarely seen among the best paddle blades.

Bullpadel Hack 2018Paquito Navarro

The best Spanish player Paquito Navarro will play with the renewed Bullpadel Hack 2018, considered by many as the most powerful shovel currently. With diamond shape and high balance, it is a shovel for offensive players who like to attack the ball from any point. New design, better materials (including Xtend carbon carbon) and spectacular gameplay is what the new jewel in the crown of the Spanish brand Bullpadel offers.

Bullpadel Vertex 2 2018Maxi Sánchez

If Hack is all power, the Vertex 2 2018 is not far behind either. It is the most emblematic shovel of the Bullpadel brand that will continue wielding the ‘Tiburon’ Maxi Sánchez. Right now you can find it as one of the most outstanding paddle shovels in the PadelVip online store.

Star Vie MetheoraMatías Díaz

Reliability guaranteed. This is how you can define the Star Vie Metheora blade from the great Matías Díaz. Made of 100% carbon, it is one of the StarVie blades that most awake among fans of paddle. A shovel of maximum guarantees that amateurs and players of advanced level will enjoy equally.

Sioux PegasusCristian Gutiérrez

‘El Mago’ of the paddle Cristian Gutiérrez will continue faithful to his Sioux Pegasus, a shovel with which he won the last two World Padel Tour tournaments with Stupa and with which he will try to repeat new hits in 2018. It was one of the most sold of the year despite its price although, like all Sioux blades, its durability and quality is indisputable.

Nox Stupa Full Carbon Franco Stupaczuk

Among the shovels with better opinions could not miss the NoxStupa Full Carbon, the shovel of Franco Stupaczuk. Its great novelty is the development with two different gums. On the one hand, it incorporates two layers of high density EVA and a low density polyethylene plant with the aim of adding a greater sense of control and power.

Varlion Bourne Summum Carrera 25 WJuan Cruz Belluati

The new Varlion 2018 blades have once again surprised by the quality of their designs and finishes. The revelation player of the last course Juan Cruz Belluati will play this year with the incredible VarlionBourne Summum Carrera 25 W, perfect for players who want a balance between power and control.

Nox ML10 Pro Cup 2018 Miguel Lamperti

The Nox ML10 Pro Cup returns to be the shovel of Miguel Lamperti in 2018, recommended for all types of players for its high performance. Both the frame and the planes are composed of carbon to make it a rigid blade with great durability.

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