The Paddle Tennis rules, everything you need to know

The Paddle Tennis rules, everything you need to know

The International Padel Federation is responsible for determining the Paddle Tennis rules and is the governing body of the sport. Within the FIP there is a committee of rules of the paddle that can recommend changes in the regulation to the Assembly, the authority responsible in last stay to carry them out.

The governing body of the paddle in our country is the Spanish Federation of Paddle tennis that includes all the regulations on its website.

From Empadelados want easy ponéroslo and have met the main rules of pádel regarding elements of the track, the equipment of the players and the technical part in these lines, so that you may have on hand whenever you may need to revise some of the rules.

Rules on the paddle ball
One of the most typical questions when we start playing padel is if it can be done with tennis balls. Yes, you can, but the rules of paddle also establish how are the padel balls and all their characteristics that have some differences with respect to tennis.

Rules on replacing balls
In a competition the organizers can announce in advance the make and model of paddle balls that will be used in the matches, the number of balls that will be used in the game and the stipulated change.

If there were changes of balls can be done choosing two alternatives:

– After an odd number of games (previously determined), the courtesy rally counts as two games and the tie break as one for the change of balls. The change of balls will not be made at the beginning of a tie break.

– When a set starts

If a ball is lost, broken or damaged, the referee has to supervise that the ball that is replaced has the same conditions as the others that are in play. If not, it will change the entire game of balls.

Rules on paddle racket
Paddle is played with paddles rackets. The regulatory measures of the paddle paddle are:

– 45.5 cm long.
– 26 cm wide.
– 38 mm profile thickness.

The paddle racket have to be perforated by a number of holes (not limited) of 9 to 13 mm diameter each in the central part of the blade. The holes may have a larger diameter, length or shape if they do not affect the play in a maximum peripheral area of ​​4 cm measured from the outer edge of the blade.

The striking surface on a blade does not exceed 30 cm in length and 26 cm in width and may be flat, smooth or rough. The frame (included in the handle) can only have attached devices to prevent deterioration, vibration or to distribute the weight.

All paddle blades must have a cord or strap of maximum length of 35 cm and which serves as a support to the wrist as protection against accidents.

Rules on the paddle tennis court
What the regulation on the paddle tennis is that needs to be a rectangle 10 m wide and 20 long, divided in half by a net which is suspended from a wire rope of 0.01 m and a maximum diameter attached to side posts that hold the cable. The minimum distance between the poles of the network is 9.25 m.

All detailed information about the rules paddle as to the runway, you can be found on our post on the steps of the paddle tennis court and in which we explain all the elements that make up the track (walls, floors, access and lighting) and their characteristics.

Padel’s technical rules
Once we have seen what the official paddle tennis rules say about the pitch and the materials with which the paddle is practiced, we will analyze the rules regarding the technique.

Padel rules on the start of the game and position of the players
To start a padel match each pair of players will be placed in each of the fields located on both sides of the net. The player who puts the ball in play is the server and the one who answers, the subtracter.

The paddle can be played in single or double mode (doubles being the most common).

Players can be placed anywhere in their field, both servers and subtractors.

No player may be off the court while the service is being taken. It is permissible for one component of the pair to play only against their opponents while the partner is on the court and take out and subtract where appropriate.

Padel rules on the choice of field and service
To choose field and the right to draw or subtract first in the game, the rules of padel establish that it is done by lot. The winning pair will choose to take or subtract and the other will choose the field or vice versa.

Also the winners of the initial draw can ask their opponents to choose first. Once decided everything will be communicated to the referee.

Padel rules on field changes
The player pairs will change sides of the court when the sum of the games is an odd number.


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