Star vie r.9

Star vie r.9

StarVie R 9.1 DRS Basalto 2016



  • Carbon fiber tubular
  • Core of basalt / carbon fiber
  • EVA rubber


  • bad seath

Star vie r.9 Basalt Basalt / Carbono 2016

This model is the great bet of paddle blades star vie r9.1, as it is the spearhead blade of the brand for this new season 2016, a racquet in blue sky colors with a very elegant finishes and design.

We will define Basalto 9.1 as a very balanced shovel in all aspects of the game and with a great balance, so that both right and defensive players as well as backhand, who want a shovel that responds, can play with it with the maximum guarantees.

The series 9.1 assembles in the plane an octagonal relief system to improve the effect in the liftped and chordados blows, to do the maximum of damage to the rivals.

The technical characteristics of this model are: 100% frame in carbon and flat combined with basalt and carbon for a greater durability and a better feeling of control in each strike. Assemble a Eva soft rubber of high revote. Round shape. Incorporating diffuser to improve the balance and the speed of response of the shovel in network and defense.

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