Improve your serve in Paddle Tennis with these simple tips

Improve your serve in Paddle Tennis with these simple tips

If you like to improve your serve, you have to learn this tips.

Paddle Tennis is a sport that has not been implemented in Spain in a very official way for many years. Since the first buildings with poker tracks were built 20 years ago, there are not many people who took a fancy to this sport. But there is one aspect of this sport in which most amateur players continue to fail and cost a lot to improve: the serve. Here simple tips to improve your serve, and you can read previous post to play well paddle tennis.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you have taught us a good coach or someone experienced, who has played leagues and high level matches. This habit would be better to learn with the mayor quickly. If this is not the case, today we will give you 10 tips to take into account to improve the beginner’s serve. At the time of training to remove dust, use some techniques to improve speed, speed and endurance in tennis, adapted to the state in this case.

Take off with cover: This technique supposes the blow of the serve with a forward movement of our body. You can try little by little to see if it is good, it is a good technique to deceive the opponent or to immediately go up to the net after the serve.

Take out with slide: This is the typical cut-off, similar to one left in tennis that requires the opposite to approach the red one before the boat since it stays dry in the place and it is difficult to reach and hit once it has bounced.

Improve your serve padel tennis

Take out young guys

Control of the force: We will have to measure at all times the force that we print to the ball in the serve, because, a difference with the normal game, in the serve we will not be able to surpass the bottom line. In the first instance, we must know ourselves, hit the ball several times and know how we are in this sense.

Direction of service: If we always take the same place and corner, the opponent will always know where the first ball will go. Therefore, it is much easier for him / her to counteract your serve. We will have to vary the direction of the serve and thus go measuring the forces again and control them according to the place of destination of our serve.

Depth: In the pitching phase, as in tennis, although you do not usually see much, near the red and far, in the background. Throw the ball more or less away in the opposite field, do not forget to control our new position and take the lead.

Position: The placement of our body at the time of service is of vital importance. We recommend the feet with the shovel, the face of the shovel slightly open and the hand that has the ball at shoulder height. Keep in mind that the more erect you are in the serve, the higher and redder the ball, and vice versa.

Rebound in glass

Bounce the ball: Remember that the rules of the paddle indicates that you must take into account the ball before hitting it for the service. It is best to drop so they do not bounce as much and you can hit below the waist, as marked by the regulation.

Drive moment: the rules that say that they must have at least one foot in contact with the ground at the moment of the ball hit in the service, in addition to, as we have said, below the height of the waist.

Study your rival: As we have said, vary the service, its direction, strength, type, etc. it allows us to analyze how our opposite will respond at each moment. A little attention from these moments to be able to draw some weak points during the game.

Patience: the time taken to draw. To position ourselves, to position our body, to think about the type of service we are going to do, the strength that allows us to use, etc. All this has its time. If we go with the rush, in the end we will annoy you in the service.

The world is a sport that every day has more followers, and that’s good. We are already in a time of football that takes all the television glory. Just as he trained the effectiveness in the tennis serve, today we wanted to do the same with the paddle Tennis fans.

Here follow this link to watch a single instructions

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