Paddle Tennis Rackets

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Improve your serve in Paddle Tennis with these simple tips

Improve your serve in Paddle Tennis with these simple tipsIf you like to improve your serve, you have to learn this tips. Paddle Tennis is a sport that has not been implemented in Spain in a very official way for many years. Since the first buildings with poker tracks were built 20 years ago, there are not many people who took a fancy to... Read More »

3 Tips to play well to paddle and IMPROVE!

We all want to win, play better, not fail and win more matches. But … how to win a padel match? Here 3 tips to improve our game. If we think what tips to play well to paddle we can come well, we will have to do according to our level, the level of our... Read More »

Duruss Lithium

Duruss LithiumDuruss Lithium The Duruss Lithium blade is developed for mid-level players looking for greater ball output and power. Features: – Tear shape with 3 layers of fiberglass that favor comfort in the blows. – Soft rubber that makes the blade have a very wide sweet spot and a high balance to allow greater power. Specifications:... Read More »

Head Graphene Touch Alpha

Head Graphene Touch AlphaHead Graphene Touch Alpha This racquet is the one used by the great player Sanyo Gutiérrez. This model comes with the Graphene Touch as the main technology, which brings unmatched comfort and feel. With this shovel you will play as if you had a glove in your hand. The new weapon of this great professional... Read More »

Vibor-A Bamboo

Vibor-A BambooViborA Bamboo Vibor-A strives in every collection by offering the best materials and innovations to get very complete products to match the most demanding players. It is the case of all its models that maintain their essence with respect to the previous edition but with the inclusion of improvements that have as purpose to improve... Read More »