3 Tips to play well to paddle and IMPROVE!

We all want to win, play better, not fail and win more matches. But … how to win a padel match? Here 3 tips to improve our game.
If we think what tips to play well to paddle we can come well, we will have to do according to our level, the level of our opponents, our technical level and our mentality for this sport.
Here are some paddle tips that can come in handy. Undoubtedly, in the paddle you have to have fun, but what better than winning and techniques to play well to paddle tennis!

1.- Worry about missing less than the rival.

Not only is it a matter of metrics, but of attitude and consistency. The best of the tricks to play well to paddle: Win who least fails!
“Foolish” mistakes for a bad decision in the execution or at the moment of performing them: play it in the last point of the game, risk in balls with little margin of success, hit the ball in bad position or falling backwards, attacking the ball when it is low and not high …
Sure many of these situations sound … Decrease the margin of error! Remember the phrase, “a lot of risk for such a small prize” !!
It is clear, that at the beginning, many mistakes will be made, and it is clear that in padel, the fundamental principle is that, “win, who least fails”.
You have to watch this video and you will understand what I am saying …
When you start playing paddle tennis, you should be very clear about these two paddle tennis advices:

That should not fail if the serve or the first volley or the rest, very important.

If you start playing paddle tennis, you’re sure that the serve can be a definite blow like in tennis. However, the important thing is to put the ball in play,
Remember to stop before making the technical gesture of the beating.
The same thing happens with the rest. Do not risk because the normal thing, if you are starting is that you do not win the point at the first change. Remember that the important thing is to put the point at stake, take a good position and then prepare the situation to define.
Try to do the rest to the player who pulls, either with a balloon to the left shoulder of the player on the right that throws, or to the backhand volley of the player on the right.

Try to keep the rally the maximum time without failures.

You must maintain concentration, keep the rally and learn to have constancy and security. The important thing is to learn to earn points without much risk.
Look at everything related to Tecnic and Beats to improve everyday.
But first, wait a moment …
I advise you to watch this video carefully …That’s why we love paddle tennis, right?


2.- Have a good position on the track

In the paddle you not only have to have good technical level, you also have to be well positioned on the track, correctly make the displacements in paddle tennis and with your partner!
• If you are defending. – Basic: Behind the service line, near the back wall and at a distance of about five feet from the side wall.
• If you are in the network.- At a sufficient height that allows you to catch the ball very high and that in case of a balloon, it is easy to go back.
Play as a couple.-Do you know anything about the technique of the windscreen wipers in paddle?
Stay during the game well positioned.
In padel, the important thing is to play as a couple and as a couple.
When you are defending, being one step behind the baseline and two from the sideline.
If you are in the network, approximately two meters away from the network. At this distance, with a couple of steps back you can reach the balloons without problems, and approach the net to attack a volley. See How I Stand on the Paddle Court

paddle tennis court

Zone A – Atack

To finish the point

Zone B – Transition

The players are in motion, to touch the ball, attack or defend

Zone C – Deffend

The blows are defensive it is sought to throw back the adversaries

3.- Concentration and winning attitude.

Regardless of your technical and tactical level, you must combine all the factors and tools you have for your favor to play good poker, and make the least possible mistakes, but also choose the best time for your best shot or play.
If yours is not a defender, try to catch the red soon. Balloon … and patience to start the point again.
Encourage your partner at all times Remember that you do not play alone.
Take the score of the game and keep your concentration on the serve.
Learn to play the important points of the matches. It’s not easy, it takes time and discipline, and especially mentality, but time and desire to play poker, surely you do not lack … right?
So you know, grab a good shovel, you’ll love it, play … and if you want more, look at these tips to play pollen that can also come in handy. Remember, do not leave, learn, look, study Techniques for playing outdoors and tricks to play paddle tennis

You can read this post to learn to play padel tennis , also you can read more posts to improve your game in this blog.

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