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You can view the best offers in Amazon website for paddle tennis rackets.

Top paddle tennis rackets beginner

Here the lastest rackets for beginner players

Stillpadel racket tennis

Stilpadel con funda

Top paddle tennis rackets Intermediate

Here the best of intermediate players

Head Ultimate power 2

Head Padel Ultimate Power 2

Top paddle tennis rackets Profesionnal

Here the best of profesionnal players

Nox equation 4 padel

Nox Equation 4

You can view the best offers in Amazon website for paddle tennis rackets, the price is the last one and is totally actual.
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If you are looking for a high-level paddle shovel but do not want to spend a lot of money, read on, because we bring you the best options in terms of price-quality in the market.

Among these we will discover that they highlight the different collections of some of brands that bet to offer ranges of shovels of medium-high level with low price and also some specific models of very popular and prestigious firms.

We review this set of fantastic options of different styles that will be aimed at habitual and occasional players and that with total security will convince us by their efficient performance on the track and by their first level composition.

e find the best offers of paddle, the best price guaranteed in each of our products. In addition a wide selection of our products include paddle gifts that complement the purchase of our paddle or slippers.

Shovels, shoes, textile, or pallets wide selection of brands for all types of players
We have the widest selection of shovels, textiles, shoes or shoes, the main brands with the most demanded shovels in the market. With a catalog that covers the needs of all players, depending on their level, but also depending on their style of play:

Shovels according to our style of play
Power shovels: Shovels for players who mainly base their game on force shots, highlights in this case a shovel as the Adidas Adipower Attk 1.8, or as the Bullpadel Hack 2018. In this case the player profile is an experienced player who renounce some control for having the most power in their hands.

Control blades: There is also a large number of players who prefer to have the best control in their hands, a shovel with which to perform high precision shots. In this case we find shovels like the: Bullpadel Hack Control, a new Bullpadel shovel launched in 2018, we also find Adidas Adipower Ctrl 1.8, they are two of the best blades to put the ball where we decide. The player profile is wider than the power shovels, a player who enjoys precision and does not give up hitting the ball hard.

Balanced shovels: They are shovels that are characterized by a perfect balance between control and power, shovels with great performance in all game situations, we find in this case, shovels like the Star Met Metheora, an exceptional shovel with which to enjoy in all the situations of game, also the Vibra Yarara Edition Liquid, a shovel with which any blow can be the winner.

Paddle tennis rackets for players of all levels
Initiation level: They are shovels that stand out for their broad sweet spot and round shape, they are also low weight blades to ensure a correct progress in the player’s game. Stand out among the shovels for players of initiation level the Eme Move Fun, or the Head Flash two shovels perfect to start in the world of paddle.

Medium level: The mid-level blades are characterized by being shovels with better performance, high performance that can also serve for advanced players. It differs in the materials of manufacture, in its durability and performance. Perfect shovels for players of intermediate level could be, the Nox Ml10 Luxury L4 or the Head Touch Omega Pro, two shovels with which to be able to play also when we reach a superior level of game.

Advanced level: Blades for advanced players are manufactured with the most innovative and highest quality materials. At present, shovels are made with materials such as graphene, carbon fiber, or titanium, materials that ensure the best performance on the track, but also durability. Shovels for high level players could be the Sioux Pegasus, considered the best shovel of the moment, or the Vibora King Cobra Liquid, a shovel of exceptional performance at each point, made with graphene.

Junior blades, design, quality and price
In the market there are more and more shovels aimed at children. All the big brands have made shovels aimed at the smaller paddle players. Shovels adapted to their level of play, with a lower weight and a wide sweet spot, manufactured with the purpose of ensuring the correct evolution of the children in the paddle.